Zone Changes & Comprehensive Plan Amendments

The Oregon City Comprehensive Plan Map is a key implementer of the adopted Comprehensive Plan goals and policies (including ancillary Master Plans and Concept Plans). The Zoning Map tells how the land can be used and what can be built on any given property today. Whereas, the Comprehensive Plan Map depicts a long-term vision of how and where the city will grow and change over the next 20 years to accommodate anticipated population and job growth.

In Oregon City, all properties have both a Comprehensive Plan and Zoning designations. Usually, these designations match. For each Comprehensive Plan Map designation, there is at least one corresponding Zoning Map designation. Changes to either map can be accomplished through a City-initiated legislative process or a property owner-initiated land use review.

When changing the Comprehensive Plan Map designation, a Zone Change to a corresponding zone is also required. Zone changes and Comprehensive Plan Map Amendments are both reviewed as a Type IV Land process.

Comprehensive Plan Map Amendments

Comprehensive Plan Map Amendments change the way the City's Comprehensive Plan goals and policies are applied to a site. Proposals must be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and meet the requirements of OCMC 17.68 Zone Changes and Map Amendments.

Zone Change

Zoning changes in compliance with the Comprehensive Plan Map designation may be approved if adequate public services are capable of supporting the uses allowed by the zone or will be capable by the time the development is complete and the zone change meets the requirements of OCMC 17.68 Zone Changes and Map Amendments.