Type II and Type III decisions can be appealed to the City Commission. The appeal fee can be found on the current fee schedule.

Appeal Form

A Type II or III decision may be appealed only by the applicant, the owner, or those who have testified in writing or orally provided that the testimony was directed to a specific approval criterion, or a procedural error made.

It must be filed with the accompanying fee by the deadline listed in the decision. The appeal request should be submitted on the City Appeal Form (PDF) and it must include a statement indicating which of the applicable approval criteria the decision violated or what procedural errors were made. If the decision was to deny the proposal, the appeal must use the same form and address how the proposal meets all the approval criteria.

Where to Send Your Appeal

Contact the Planner listed on the public notice. They will assist you with the submittal process. Alternatively, you can contact Please review the Quick Links and call 503-722-3789 or email the Planning Division to ask for the Planner on duty.

Fee Waivers for Appeals by Recognized Neighborhood Associations

The appeal fee may be waived for a recognized organization under certain circumstances. If a city-recognized neighborhood association with standing to appeal (e.g. submitted comments) has voted to request a fee waiver pursuant to OCMC 17.50.290.C, no appeal fee shall be required for an appeal filed by that association. In lieu of the appeal fee, the neighborhood association shall provide a duly adopted resolution of the general membership or board approving the request for a fee waiver. If you are a Neighborhood Association wishing to make a free appeal. Please make sure you include the meeting notice and minutes in your application along with your resolution.

Land Use Board of Appeals

An appeal to the Land Use Board of Appeals occurs after a final City Decision.