Middle Housing Land Division

Senate Bill 458 was adopted by the Oregon Legislature in 2021. The bill allows lot divisions for middle housing that enable them to be sold or owned individually.

Essentially, Senate Bill 458 allows for lot divisions of a "parent lot" solely for ownership opportunities of middle housing units. For example, if a side-by-side duplex used the lot division, you could purchase one side of the duplex and the land around it.

How does this bill relate to the Middle Housing project? The bill is a follow-up to House Bill 2001 - the bill that legalizes middle housing in many cities throughout the state. Senate Bill 458 requires jurisdictions to allow middle housing lot divisions for any HB 2001 middle housing type (duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, townhouses, and cottage clusters) built in accordance with ORS 197.758.

Middle Housing Land Division is processed as a type II Expedited Land Division. No pre-application conference is required, (though always recommended) and is subject to the Subdivision Planning Fee.

For more details about the recent code updates, visit the LEG 22-01 Housing Choices Code Update - Adopted Code page.