Park Rules & Ordinances


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Park Rules & Information

  • Parks are closed from 10 pm to 5 am It is unlawful for persons to be in the parks between these hours
  • Pets are welcome but must be leashed, and please clean up after your pets
  • Alcohol is not permitted in Oregon City Parks
  • Motorized vehicles, electric bikes, or other power-operated vehicles are prohibited on park property
  • No water balloons, silly string, chalk, or confetti are allowed anywhere in the parks
  • BBQs are allowed in designated receptacles or you may bring your own self-contained BBQ (with the exception of Canemah Children's Park and Rivercrest Spraypark)
  • You are responsible for the safe disposal of the coals and grease off-site
  • No stakes are to be driven into the ground for any reason without prior permit approval and locating
  • No firearms or fireworks
  • You are responsible for your litter-if you cannot find a trash disposal bin, please follow the "pack it out" policy

We appreciate your efforts to leave the park clean for others to enjoy

Allowed by Park Rental Permit Only

  • Visit the Park Rentals page.
  • A gathering or event with 101 people or more
  • Admission is controlled by donations, entry fees, or tickets (festivals, bands, runs, walks, races)
  • The event is advertised as a public event, with or without a fee (dog show, car shows, etc.), or involves fundraising
  • Sales of any kind of products or services
  • Caterer or food vendor delivering and/or serving food
  • The event has tents, canopies, stages, blow-up bounce house/slide, rides, or other equipment
  • Electricity is used, other than that which is included as part of a regular shelter reservation
  • Public Works must be notified for any event that impacts or uses city streets (including curb or parking lane), sidewalks, and/or public right-of-way
  • Building Division must be notified if a stage or other structure is being assembled/built for the event

City Ordinances & State Statutes

Oregon City Park Exclusion: Ordinance Number 16-1011

Effective Date: December 2, 2016
An ordinance of the City of Oregon City amending the Oregon City Municipal Code creating|
Section 12.16.070 allows for the exclusion of individuals from Oregon City Parks.

Oregon City Smoke and Tobacco Free Parks: Ordinance Number 16-1012

Effective Date: December 2, 2016
An Ordinance of the amending Section 12.16.020 of the Oregon City Municipal Code to ban the use of tobacco in public parks within Oregon City Parks.

Oregon City Holds Harmless/Recreational Land/Facility Liability

Notice: Oregon law (ORS 105.682, et seq.) provides that the City of Oregon City is not liable in contract or tort for injury, death, or property damage that arises out of the use of land for recreational purposes (known as "recreational use immunity"). That immunity from liability does not apply if the owner makes a charge for permission to use the land. The fee you paid is only for the use of the reserved park shelter. Other uses of this park or any use of the property outside the reserved facility are not subject to a charge and, therefore, the City of Oregon City is not liable for injuries, death, or property damage arising out of such uses of the property for which no specific charge has been made.

Photo Usage

On occasion, the Oregon City staff may take photos of participants in recreation programs, events, or people on Parks and Recreation properties. Such photos are for Parks and Recreation use only and may be used in future publications or flyers.

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