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Clackamette RV Park


Volunteer Park Host Application (PDF)

Veteran Special Access Pass Information (PDF)

Clackamette RV Park Rules (PDF)

Clackamette RV Park Map (PDF)

Clackamette Park Map (PDF)

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Online Reservation

  • We are now taking All Reservations Online!
  • All Reservations must be completed online prior to parking the RV.
  • We are no longer accepting cash payments.
  • Notice: Clackamette RV Park will be closed for maintenance Sunday, May 5, 2024 at 3:00 pm through Thursday, May 9, 2024 at 12:00 pm.

Reserve the RV site at Clackamette RV park.


GPS Coordinates:

45.370367, -122.602687


  • Sites can fit up to 40' RVs
  • Water
  • 30 amp Electric
  • RV Dump on-site
  • Walking Paths
  • River access
  • View of Willamette River

Rates & Fees

  • Standard Sites (#1-27)
    • $30 Resident
    • $50 Non-Resident
  • Riverfront Sites (#28-38)
    • $40 Resident
    • $60 Non-Resident
  • Extra Car Nightly Fee
    • $5 Resident and Non-Resident

Note: To determine if you are within the city limits and considered a resident, please enter your address on the Am I Within Oregon City Limits.

Check-in Time

3 pm

Check-out Time

1 pm

Quiet Hours

10 pm to 5 am

Gate Hours

Closed daily from 10 pm to 5 am.

Note: If you are a paying guest and are out after the gate is closed for the night, you may park and walk in to access your RV. Please ensure your visiting guests and their vehicles are out by 10 pm.

RV Park Information

  • We do not accept Cash or Checks.
  • Overnight stays are limited to 14 consecutive nights in the RV Park. RV Guests may return after spending at least 7 nights out of Clackamette RV Park. The maximum stay allowed at the RV Park is 14 nights within any 21-night period.

RV Park Rules

  • No campfires, fire rings or open flame barbecues [Ch.12.16.020(A.3)]
  • No alcohol is permitted at Oregon City Parks [Ord Number 16-1012]
  • No generators allowed
  • No tent or tent camping allowed
  • No amplified music or excessive noise
  • No washing of vehicles or personal property
  • No repair, service or work of any kind to be done in the RV Park. If repair is required, RV must be towed or moved off-site.

RV Requirements

  • All vehicles staying in the RV Park must have current tags or valid temporary permits clearly displayed. Guests will not be permitted to stay in the park without valid tags on the RV on extra cars.
  • Towed vehicles are considered part of the RV. All other vehicles must be registered and pay a $5 fee per night for each vehicle.
  • RV's must be fully self-contained with black and gray water tanks.
  • Discharge of any holding tank is not allowed in the RV Park. Emptying of all tanks must be done at the designated dump station and only with a properly fitting RV hose. The dump station fee does not apply to paying guests.

Cancel or Change a Reservation

  • Any change to a reservation (date or site change) must be completed by canceling the existing reservation through the Parks office at 971-204-4602. and creating a new reservation. Cancellation fees will apply.
  • Cancellations completed within three days of the arrival date will receive a refund minus a $30 cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation completed four or more days from reservation will receive a full refund minus a $10 cancellation fee.
  • The refund amount will be processed as a check refund and mailed to the address on file from the reservation.
  • Late checkout is subject to a $30 late fee.

Special Access Pass - Disabled American Veterans

As of April 3, 2013; in accordance with the adoption of Resolution Number 13-09; the City of Oregon City is waiving the fees for the use of Clackamette RV Park for Disabled American Veterans as follows:

  1. The fee waiver is available only to persons who possess a current Special Access Pass issued to veterans with a service-connected disability by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.
  2. The waiver is limited to no more than 5 (five) nights in a calendar month. If the stay is longer than 5 nights, you must pay for the extra days, up to the 14-day limit. Maximum stay at the park is 14 days with 7 days out of the park before the next visit.
  3. The fee waiver does not cover additional park fees such as extra car nightly fees or late fees.
  4. All Reservations must be made in advance.
  5. Veterans must pay upfront and then the City will issue a reimbursement. Upon receipt of the refund request, the refund amount will be credited back to the credit used for the reservation, if saved, otherwise, it will be processed as a check refund and mailed to the address on file.
    1. After the visit, the guest must email a copy of the following to the Parks Information email:
      1. Copy of reservation receipt for the dates of stay
      2. Copy/picture of Veteran Access ID card
  6. Special Access Pass and photo ID must be present upon check-in.
  7. The Special Access Pass with expiration date and green placard must be visible from the outside of your vehicle while utilizing the 5-night waiver for the duration of your stay.
  8. The holder of the state Veteran Special Access pass must be the person occupying the site for the discount to be applied. This discount is not transferrable, or extended to spouses, third parties, or even other disabled veterans.
  9. If you are waiting for your Special Access Veterans Pass in the mail, or do not have your pass upon arrival, you must pay all park fees. Refunds or waivers will not be given without a valid pass.
  10. If you lose or misplace your card you must contact the State of Oregon Parks and Recreation Department to obtain a replacement.
  11. All other Clackamette RV park fees (extra vehicle) and park rules apply.

Dog Etiquette in Oregon City Parks

Everyone loves to enjoy the local parks and dogs are welcome in Oregon City Parks. We ask all pet owners to follow a few basic guidelines to be courteous and considerate of all park users.

  • Always leash the dog with a physical leash no longer than 6 feet long
  • Don't let your dog greet a stranger unless the stranger asks to pet the dog
  • Clean up after your dog

Being aware of other park users can go a long way to prevent uncomfortable and scary situations.

Oregon City has four off-leash dog areas (OLDA) to enjoy. Visit one of the designated, signed areas of the following parks:

  • Barclay Park (711 12th Street)
  • Park Place Park (16180 Front Avenue)
  • Wesley Lynn Park (12901 Frontier Parkway)
  • Tyrone S Woods Memorial Park-Fenced (14520 Meyers Road)