Sports Field & Court Regulations

Sports FieldSports Field & Court Regulations

  1. The age of 14 or older constitutes adult status on our playing fields.
  2. No adult baseball on any fields.
  3. Adult softball is available in select fields.
  4. No adult soccer on any fields.
  5. Ball games and soccer games should never overlap on any field.
  6. No Alcohol is Permitted in any City Parks or facilities, including spectators.
  7. At no time should any vehicle or motorized equipment be driven on park property, even if the intention is to prepare a field for usage. Only handheld or manual equipment can be used.
  8. Most parks, fields, courts, and facilities are available for rent provided there is no conflict with any City sponsored event or activity.
  9. The City of Oregon City reserves the right to use any of the parks, fields, courts, and/or facilities for any City sponsored event or activity and has usage priority in our reservation system.
  10. Contact the Park Operations office for rental rates, availability, and field usage request form.

Fields (Baseball/Softball and Soccer): 1, 2, 3, 4

  • Field 1 (baseball/softball or soccer) - No adult sports
  • Field 2 (soccer only) - No adult sports
    • No overlap of concurrent sports on field 3.
  • Field 3 (baseball/softball or soccer) - Adult softball only. No baseball.
    • No overlap of concurrent events of soccer on field 2.
  • Field 4 (baseball/softball only) - No adult sports
  • Field 5 (baseball/softball only) - No adult sports