HB2006 Shelter Siting Application

Man at a ShelterPlease note: On May 12, 2021, Governor Brown signed into state legislation HB 2006 (PDF), a bill intended to respond to the current statewide housing crisis authorizing cities to site emergency shelters if certain conditions are met. The new law took effect immediately and requires local governments to approve an application for an emergency shelter regardless of state or local land use laws if the application meets specific approval criteria outlined in the bill. An emergency shelter provides shelter on a temporary basis for individuals and families who lack permanent housing.

Any emergency shelter use or activity specifically authorized below may not be put to any other use without securing the necessary land use approval as required by state law and the Oregon City Municipal Code.

HB 2006 is not a land use decision and it removes state requirements for a mailed notice, public hearing, or solicitation of public comment on an application. Local governments are obligated to approve applications for shelters that meet specific criteria. Decisions under HB 2006 may not be appealed to the Planning Commission, City Commission, or the Land Use Board of Appeals but may be appealed using the writ of review process provided under ORS 34.010 - 34.100.

To apply for shelter site approval, please use the application form provided below and submit it to the Community Development Department via the Online Application Portal. You may also bring in the completed application and submit it at our offices at 695 Warner Parrott Road. A checklist is provided at the rear of the form.

Please contact the Community Development Department with any questions by emailing the Planning Division or calling 503-722-3789.