Rent out My House as a Short-Term Rental

Thinking of renting your home, ADU, or rooms within your home?

If so, please check in with the Planning Division (email Planning or call 503-722-3789) to verify if any special permitting is required.

  • Most residences in Oregon City are allowed to be rented out for a time period of 30 days or more without any special permitting.
  • Residential rentals of less than 30 days are defined by Oregon City Municipal Code as "Bed and breakfast inns and boarding houses: Bed and breakfast inns and boardinghouses means building(s) which provide(s) overnight accommodations to the public for fewer than thirty consecutive days."
  • In all of Oregon City's residential zones (i.e., R-6, R-8, and R-10 Low-Density, R-3.5 and R-5 Medium-Density, and R-2 High-Density), short-term rentals require a Conditional Use Permit, a Type III Land Use process (PDF) whereby approval is considered by the Planning Commission at a public hearing.
  • The Conditional Use Permit process begins with a Pre-Application Conference.
  • Both the Conditional Use Permit and Pre-Application Conference require payment of Planning Review fees. Here is a link to the Planning Fee Schedule, which lists all planning fees, including Conditional Use Permits and Pre-Application Conferences.
  • A business license is required.
  • In addition, creating a short-term rental will likely require paying a local transient room tax. More information about the transient room tax may be obtained from the Finance Department at 503-657-0891.