Nominate Heritage Trees & Stands

Celebrating Heritage Trees

Chapter 12.32 of the Oregon City Municipal Code - Heritage Trees and Stands includes a voluntary process for the nomination of heritage trees on public and private property in Oregon City. Heritage trees are those trees that because of their age, species, natural resource value, ecological or historical association, are of special importance to the city.

Please note that this is a voluntary program that requires landowner consent, and is not intended to be regulatory in nature. However, heritage trees on private property will be protected by a legal document called a deed restriction following designation by the City Commission.

The attached nomination form should be filled out completely by any party wishing to nominate a tree or stand for heritage status. All nominations are forwarded to the Natural Resources Committee for recommendation to the City Commission.

With the exception of trees on city property and right-of-ways, nomination is to be by the property owner or with the written consent of the property owner.

All heritage tree nominations, public or private, are to be approved by the City Commission at a noticed public meeting.

Although not required in order to submit a nomination, we strongly recommend that nominations include a report by a certified arborist or similarly qualified person that describes the size, species, and condition of the tree, as well as any hazardous or potentially hazardous conditions which may exist.

Property owners who consent to the nomination of a heritage tree must also sign a protective covenant for the tree.

Tree owners will receive a plaque, certificate and formal recognition by the City. Heritage trees will be documented on the city website.

Officially Designated Heritage Trees

LocationPhotoSpeciesEstimated AgeHeight / SpreadDiameter at Breast Height (DBH)Designation DateType of Designation
19130 Lot Whitcomb Drive
(Ainsworth House)
Ainsworth PinePonderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa)150 years150 feet / 75 feet62 inchesApril 8, 2012Heritage Tree
916 Center Street
(Dr. Clyde Mount House)
916 Center OakOregon White or Garry Oak (Quercus garryana)250 years50 feet / 87 feet38 inchesApril 8, 2012Heritage Tree
712 12th Street
(Edward Howell House)
Howell FirDouglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)134 years100 feet / 87 feet39 inchesFebruary 5, 2014Heritage Tree
314 Pleasant Avenue314 Pleasant White OakOregon White or Garry Oak (Quercus garryana)NA85 feet / 60 feet41 inchesNAHeritage Tree
901 Linn AvenueNASugar Maple (Acer saccharum)NANANANAHeritage Tree
810 Jackson StreetNAAmerican Sycamore (Platanus occidentalis)NANANANAHeritage Tree
Mountainview CemeteryNACamperdown Elm (Acer glabrum) 114 years22 feet / 30 feet72 inchesMay 5, 2021Heritage Tree
415 Dewey
Camperdown Elm (Acer glabrum) 50 years17 feet / 16 feet61 inchesMay 5, 2021Heritage Tree

The following trees were designated in 2022:

  • 326 Pearl Street - Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens)
  • 137 Warner Parrott Road - Camperdown Elm Tree (Ulmos glabra)
  • 536 Holmes Lane and 919 Rilance Lane - two Pin Oak (Quercus palustris)
  • Oregon City Municipal Pool - (JP) Japanese Red Pine, (AP) Austrian Pine (Pinus desiflora), (BA) Blue Atlas Cedar (Cedrus atlantica), (S) Giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum)
  • Tyrone S Woods Park - Oregon White Oak (Quercus garryana) and Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) Grove
  • Hazel Grove Park - Oregon White Oak (Quercus garryana) and Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) Grove

Heritage Stand Designations

Waterboard Park

Waterboard Park was designated as a Heritage Stand by the City Commission on October 2, 2013. For the documentation, video and minutes from this meeting go to the Calendar and select the City Commission agenda for that date.

Portions of Park Place Park were designated as a Heritage Stand by the City Commission on March 3, 2021. 

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