Water Plans

Water Distribution System Master Plan 2012 CoverOregon City's Water Distribution System Master Plan (Water Master Plan) was adopted in February, 2012, and was amended in 2021.  The amendment was adopted via Ordinance 21-1001 effective March 5, 2021. Both of these documents are now available online under Supporting Documents.

This Water Master Plan presents the results of the water distribution system planning effort conducted for the City of Oregon City. The plan summarizes the components of the existing water distribution system, analyzes local water demand patterns, evaluates the performance of the water system with respect to critical service standards, identifies the improvements necessary to remedy system deficiencies, and accommodate future growth.

The 2021 amendment reflects updated system modeling, inclusive of new standards and system improvements, and includes an updated list of Capital Improvement Projects (CIP). More specific information on affected chapters of the 2012 Water Master Plan and Amendment updates can be found in the Applicant Submittal for 2021 Amendment to the 2012 Water Master Plan. These projects will ensure that the water distribution system continues to provide adequate and reliable service to Oregon City.

Supporting Documents