Linn Avenue, Leland Road and Meyers Road Corridor Plan

Linn Avenue, Leland Road and Meyers Road constitute a key corridor for Oregon City. These roadways provide a continuous north-south route through a total of six distinct neighborhoods, and significant connectivity between residential and commercial areas. However, the corridor currently lacks continuous facilities for pedestrians and bicyclists, and there are a number of deficiencies in roadway operation and safety. The City’s 2013 update to their Transportation System Plan (TSP) identified several projects that would improve multi-modal travel within the corridor. 

The Linn Avenue, Leland Road, Meyers Road Corridor Concept Plan addresses deficiency’s in the pedestrian and bicycle facilities along the corridor.  The area of the plan is from 5th Street at Jackson Street to Meyers Road at Moccasin Way.  Along this route there are very few existing sidewalks and designated bicycle lanes.  The plan will develop the City’s preferred street section’s to address these deficiency’s when future development occurs.  The plan will also look at connecting important features along the corridor (i.e. parks and schools) by means of paths, sidewalks and bicycle lanes.   In addition the plan will address the needs of the Linn Avenue, Warner Milne, Warner Parrot, Central Point Road intersection by proposing an intersection improvement plan.

The Linn Avenue, Leland Road and Meyers Road Corridor Plan was adopted by Ordinance No. 14-1013 on May 20, 2025.

Linn Avenue, Leland Road and Meyers Road Corridor Plan 2015 Cover

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