Read for a Welcoming World

No Place for HateRead for a Welcoming World

Oregon City Public Library is supporting our Oregon City School District schools participating in the Anti-Defamation League's No Place For Hate program with Read For a Welcoming World. Everyone in the community is welcome to participate in this 3-step literacy program, including homeschooled students, private school students, and students enrolled in the Oregon City Online Program.

If your school has a No Place For Hate student group, they may be doing some special activities just for your school. Ask your teacher for more information.

Step 1: Watch

Watch a 6-minute video to learn how reading window and mirror books helps us strengthen our empathy muscles and create a welcoming world. It also includes some questions to ask yourself while you read.

Step 2: Read

Read an #OwnVoices book. We have suggestions for readers in Grades K through 2 (PDF) and Grades 3 through 5 (PDF). You can also check out OCPL's annual Diverse Books lists, ask us for a personalized recommendation, or borrow a book from your Oregon City School District (OCSD) school library.

Step 3: Reflect

Talk with your family or classmates about the questions in the video from Step 1. Write down or draw a picture of your answers. You can use a blank sheet of paper or print out a template (PDF) designed by one of our local elementary school teachers.


NPFH Empathy-Building Questions (PDF)