2013 National Day of Remembrance

Oregon and Washington Parents of Murdered Children Memorial Garden will be ready for September 25, 2013 for their National Day of Remembrance

Memorial, 2013The Greater Portland Area Chapter of Parents of Murdered Children (POMC) is proud to announce the completion of the Oregon and Washington Memorial Garden at Mountain View Cemetery in Oregon City. The fundraising started five years ago and the building started in September of 2012. We are so grateful to all those who helped financially, donated labor, and all those who supported us.

The city of Oregon City donated a beautiful piece of property to us and with this in mind, we wanted a memorial that would be unique and would fit in the history of Oregon City. Oregon City was the site for the first capital in Oregon. The falls of water flowing down our wall is in memory of Willamette Falls, a local falls that supplied fresh salmon and water for Native Indians thousands of years ago. The trail of water also represents the millions of tears shed by those whose loved ones were victims of homicide. Victims of vehicular homicide are also included on our wall.

As part of a National Organization, POMC is proud to announce that we are the only POMC Memorial in the North West. We are the eighth memorial in the United States. Most important, it will be a beautiful place for all of us to go when we feel the need to be comforted and know that others care. This will validate that we are not alone in our grief. Homicide affects everyone.

We are planning a wonderful celebration and we are so proud that the National Director of POMC, Dan Levey, will be our guest note speaker. The service will be a memorable time for all who attend. After our ceremony, we will host a barbeque for all who attend. We want everyone to know that the memorial if for all of us to enjoy and use. Our loved ones will be remembered forever. It was built out of love for our loved ones and to remind others of the importance of the "protection of society".

The memorial will be held on September 25, 2013. It will start at 1 pm. The location is 500 Hilda Street, Oregon City, OR 97045. It is open for all those who want to attend.

Article written by Mary Elledge, Chapter Leader, Greater Portland Area