Trash / Recycling Standards

City of Oregon City Policy

Refuse and recycling standards for non single-family or duplex uses.

The purpose of these requirements is to promote:

  • Efficient, safe and convenient location of refuse and recycling areas.
  • Efficient, safe and convenient on-site maneuvering of collection vehicles, equipment and personnel for servicing solid waste and recycling areas; and
  • Compliance with the Regional Solid Waste Management Plan, OCMC Chapter 8.20 Solid Waste Collection and Disposal, And the Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) Chapter 459.

Review Procedure

Compliance with these standards may be demonstrated without having to go through a formal land use (site plan and design review) process, provided the application meets the standards contained herein. Building permits may be required. However, please check with the Planning Division before installing any trash, recycling or other refuse container on your site.