Tree Recovery Program

The damage from the February 2021 ice storm was extensive, resulting in widespread tree loss throughout Oregon City. The Planning Division's goal is to work toward restoring our lost tree canopy through a Tree Recovery Program. The City Commission recognizes the burden that the ice storm and COVID-19 has placed on the community and has initially directed $200,000 towards tree recovery throughout our community!

This page contains information about the Tree Recovery Program and will be updated over time as the program is rolled out.

If You Lost Trees Due to the Ice Storm

The Commission is waiving most street tree removal permits and non-residential tree removal permits for trees that came down or had to be removed because of the ice storm. By submitting your information through our online form before October 30, the City will add you to a list of properties where street tree removal permits are not required. The waiver will apply only to trees that came down or had to be removed due to ice storm damage between February and October 2021.

There are a small number of exceptions where the City is not able to waive tree replacement requirements. Trees in some overlay zones (i.e. environmental overlays) will be required to be replaced. The environmental protections are required by the State, so the City is unable to completely waive the protections. However, the City Commission intends to make the process as streamlined as possible. Further, some of the tree recovery funding is planned to be used to help affected property owners find and pay for new trees. If we notice that a tree you have submitted in the online form needs replacement, we will follow up with you over the summer. The streamlined replacement process will also be posted on this webpage after it is approved by the City Commission in June.

The City will continue to sponsor tree planting efforts throughout our community, and those who submitted their information online will be first in line for a replacement street tree or front yard tree through Friends of Trees at a cost of only $35! Friends of Trees will contact you prior to the Fall planting season with more details on how to sign up.

If you would like to replant trees on your own, be sure to consult our street tree species list and placement requirements, or, for trees in your yard, the Arbor Day Foundation has a helpful guide for tree species selection and planting. We recommend planting October through April, not during the summer!

If You Have Damaged Trees Due to the Ice Storm

If your tree(s) is still standing and you need arborist advice, the City may be able to assist you. Please email the Tree Program if you would like to request a risk assessment for your tree to find out if it is likely to survive and not become a safety hazard. Note that pruning or removal services are not being offered, this is for assessment only.

If you submitted information about a tree on city property, and it has not yet been addressed, please email Vance Walker, Public Works Operations Manager.

Tree care and pruning informational videos can be found on the Arbor Day Foundation website.