Resource Officers

2022 School Resource Officers The School Resource Officer (SRO)  assignment allows the Oregon City Police Department an opportunity to have direct interaction with school staff, students, parents, and citizens in our community. The SRO's goal is to establish a safe environment for the learning process and eliminate barriers between youth, young adults, and the police. Public safety and law enforcement are the primary responsibility of the SROs, with an emphasis on prevention.

School Resource Officers are available on a daily basis to meet with students, parents, and staff. These officers are a resource to both the school administration and the student body while working to create a safe learning environment for each student. The officers patrol school grounds, respond to police calls for service in the area, and participate in juvenile enforcement efforts to prevent juvenile delinquency. SROs provide guidance on ethical issues in the classroom and informal settings, as well as individual counseling and mentoring to students. In addition to their common duties, you may find OCPD's School Resource Officers in the classroom offering presentations on the criminal justice system and other topics that help build an understanding of law enforcement's role in the community.

OCPD's SROs also help coordinate and lead the annual OCPD Summer Camp program, providing summer activities for incoming 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade students within the Oregon City School District.