Homeless Liaison Officer

Homelessness is a critical issue impacting multiple sectors of our community. Because of this, beginning in 2017, OCPD assigned a sworn officer as a Homeless Liaison Officer (HLO). Officer Mike Day served as the HLO from 2017 to 2019, while Officer Dan Hanes currently serves as the outreach connection for the homeless community.

The HLO is designed to be the initial point of contact with chronically homeless individuals living on the streets and members of our community. The HLO seeks out and engages chronically homeless persons and, for those who are willing, attempts to provide them with resources and to help find them housing linked with appropriate services.

The HLO will work to assess the homeless person's problems and identify how to help them with a range of solutions. Whether their homelessness has been caused by loss of income, psychological problems, substance abuse, lack of job training, or other problems, multiple options can be available to assist each person. This approach not only provides short-term answers but also develops permanent solutions.

The HLO will work with Oregon City residents, homeowners, and business owners to help address livability issues.

The HLO will work with the community using community resources and partners to provide outreach to homeless individuals and homeless families throughout Oregon City.

The mission of the HLO is to engage stakeholders in a community-based process that works to:

  • End homelessness for all individuals and families throughout Oregon City
  • Address the underlying causes of homelessness
  • Lessen the negative impact of homelessness on individuals, families, and the community

The HLO attempts to establish goals with homeless individuals seeking services/housing and conducts follow-ups with those individuals/service providers in an effort to achieve those goals.