Speed Hump Packet (Policies & Application)

Speed BumpSpeed humps are an accepted traffic calming device suitable for installation on residential streets in Oregon City. The installation of speed humps has been shown in some circumstances to slow traffic, but is not a guarantee that the street is a safe place for children to play. Streets exist primarily for the passage of motor vehicles; hence residents, both adults and children, should exercise due care when in the roadway.

Installation of speed humps on streets other than local residential streets could have potentially severe traffic safety consequences, almost certainly affect emergency services and other service delivery activities, and likely create the diversion of large amounts of through traffic onto adjacent local residential streets, which were not intended for that purpose. Therefore, speed humps will not be considered for streets that are classified as collector streets or higher in the Transportation System Plan (TSP), or which are determined to provide a transportation service to the community beyond that of simply providing access to the immediate abutting residences.

The purpose of this policy is to establish the circumstances and criteria under which speed humps will be considered for installation on a residential street.

Supporting Documents

Speed Hump Application (PDF)