Fix it Tickets

"Fix-it tickets" - Some tickets may be eligible for a "fix-it" resolution, if noted by the citing officer or determined by court procedure. Examples of these types of tickets include: expired registration, no front plate, or illegal window tinting. Submit proof of compliance to the court and you may have the citation dismissed. There is a nominal administrative fee for some of these.

Safe Driving Class - If you have never taken a safety class and have a clean driving record, you may be eligible to complete a court-assigned Safe Driving Class. This is a deferred sentence and also a great educational course. We all want safe drivers out there! You will need to see a clerk to determine if you are eligible. At times you may need to see the judge.

CDL drivers are not eligible.

Cell Phone violations are not eligible, but on some occasions the Judge may offer it for a first time offender. It still will go on your driving record but she may waive the fine.

31+mph and speeds in excess of 100 mph are not eligible but Judge may refer for education purposes only.