Dichromatic Glass Suspended Sculpture and Viny Window Pattern

Dichromatic Glass Suspended Sculpture & Vinyl Window Pattern, Created by John Rogers

The Sculpture

CommaRaderie, a suspended sculpture, coalesces the qualities found in the library atrium: light, discovery, and community. A comma-shaped, aluminum nexus joins the suspension cables which support colorful, reflective dichroic glass and projects dynamic, kinetic patterns on the floor, ceiling and walls. As you move through the lobby, the sculpture creates a dimensional experience that changes depending on the weather and time of day. The aim is to have your experiences and interpretation of the sculpture change during repeated visits.

The Window Pattern

The window pattern design is an abstract, site-specific response to the architecture and function of the building. It provides an interesting texture, filters light, and creates reflection patterns in the suspended dichroic glass tension sculpture. Using punctuation as a sculptural form conveys the idea that it can be interpreted as more than its grammatical form.

Why the Comma?

The comma is a pause and is mysterious in its meaning. When gathered in a random arrangement, you might imagine falling leaves, flocks of birds, raindrops, swirls on a watery surface, or a typesetter gone mad! In the upper glass panels, the commas begin to break away, roll, and disperse. Is it caused by the wind, waves, or a flock in migration?

For more information on CommaRaderie, including quotes from the artist, see the Oregon City News article.