Library Art

Landscape: Print 1, Unknown artist in Tateshina, Japan

Cut Paper

Late 1990s

This work was a gift to the Oregon City Sister City Committee from the Tateshina Sister City Committee.

Oregon City and Tateshina have been Sister Cities since 1974. Sister City programs are intended to promote cross-cultural understanding and friendships.

Portrait of Andrew Carnegie by Francis Mora

Lithograph or Painting

Circa 1935

Andrew Carnegie (1835 to 1919) donated a portion of his steel fortune to fund library buildings, including Oregon City Public Library. Libraries built with Carnegie funds received this portrait in 1935 in celebration of his 100th birthday.

Early Days by Leland John

Leland John (born 1939)

Painted 1980s

Painting is of Willamette Falls and early Oregon City.

Leland John is an Oregon City artist known for his natural landscapes, often featuring Oregon sites.

Untitled Willamette Falls Painting

Circa 1900

A painting of Willamette Falls, pre-industrialization. Note the buildings on the Oregon City side of the river (left side).

Fishing Below Willamette Falls

Hand-Tinted Print

Photo 1890s

The photograph was taken at Willamette Falls in the 1890s, a print was made, then colored by hand, likely with paint. Different ways of fishing are shown.

This is a memorial piece for Chris Strohmeyer (1898 to 1983). Chris worked for Oregon City as Bookkeeper, City Engineer, and was both City Manager and City Engineer 1960 to 1964.

Authors of the United States by Thomas Hicks / Alexander Hay Ritchie

Thomas Hicks (1823 to 1890), painter

Alexander Hay Ritchie (1822 to 1895), engraver

Print or Engraving


The authors shown, left to right, include:

Front row (sitting): Sedgwick, Sigourney, Southworth, Longfellow, Bryant, Halleck, Irving, Dana, Fuller, Channing, Stowe, Kirkland, Whittier

Second row (standing): Kennedy, Holmes, Willis, Mitchell, Morris, Poe, Tuckerman, Hawthorne, Simms, Cooke, Hoffman, Cooper, Prescott, Bancroft, Parke, Goodwin, Motley, Beecher, Curtis, Emerson, Lowell, Boker, Bayard, Taylor, Saxe

Group on left staircase: Ritchie, Prentice, Cary, Kendall

Group on right staircase: Cozzens, Gallagher, Stoddard, Welby

Photo of Labor Day Picnic



This photo was taken at a Labor Day Picnic in 1937. Attendees were affiliated with unions representing pulp, sulphite, mill workers, and papermakers. There were several paper mills in operation in Oregon City at the time.

The photo was likely taken in Milwaukee.

Untitled Painting, Arthur A. Selander (1885 to 1978)

c. 1950-1955

This memorial painting for Thora Gardinger (1884 to 1953) was purchased by the Oregon City Women's Club, where Thora was a charter member and president from 1927 to 1931. Thora was highly involved in local civics throughout her life. The Oregon City Women's Club was an early and enthusiastic supporter of public libraries and the Oregon City Public Library in particular.

Arthur A. Selander was an Oregon artist (and teacher, tax appraiser, and civil engineer) who worked in drafting, cartooning, and painting.

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