Field Trips at Ermatinger


The Ermatinger House is available to bring your school group, homeschool group, book club, or more for a group visit. Visit just our site, or if you know you want to bring more than 30 people, visit both us and the Steven's Crawford House to learn about two different periods of time. 

Our Field Trip program aligns with the ODE requirements for 4th and 5th graders and we are able to provide scheduling options for schoolgrounds as large as 90 kids.

Cost: Pricing varies depending on grant funding and sizes but is anywhere from $5-$10 per kid. 

Sites available for kids to have lunch at as well, and reserved parking for buses is available right outside the heritage sites. 

Field Trip Request Form

  1. Keep in mind that each location's tours are about 45 minutes long. 

  2. Which locations and option are you interested in?

    If over 70 kids, we will add another location that is in walking distance for another education opportunity. 

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