Adopt an Artifact

PaintingDid you know that you can adopt an artifact at the Francis Ermatinger House? This is the oldest house in Clackamas County, the third oldest house in Oregon and is filled with so many stories and artifacts from as early as the 1830s. Maybe you have a favorite artifact in the museum or you just want to learn more about Oregon City's history. By participating in our Adopt-An-Artifact program, you become an important part of our museum and Oregon City's history! All proceeds from Adopt-An-Artifact help fund future museum projects and events.

  • Level 1
    Artifact Fact Sheet, certificate and name by artifact for one year
    • Cost: $25
  • Level 2
    Level 1 items plus half-off tour fees for a year
    • Cost: $50
  • Level 3
    All of Level 1 and 2 plus a special Sponsor Event each year for up to 5 people
    • Cost: $100
  • Level 4
    All of Level 1, 2, and 3 plus your name on our sponsorship board and a special thank you in the Oregon City Trail News each year
    • Cost: $250

Adopt An Artifact Today!

See the most updated list of artifacts available for adoption (PDF).