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Local Author Submission Form

  1. While Oregon City Public Library welcomes submissions from self-published authors, we purchase self-published books very selectively. We are most likely to purchase books of significant local interest or which have received media attention.

    In order to consider a self-published book for inclusion in the library's collection, please fill out the following information in the webform.

    It is also very helpful to have one or more reviews from objective online or print sources (not paid or customer reviews). Objective review sources include (but are not limited to) publications such as Kirkus, Publisher's Weekly, and Indie Reader.

    Due to staffing and time constraints, we are not able to meet with individual authors. Unfortunately, we cannot accept review copies or notify you if your book is not selected because of the number of submissions we receive. If your book is selected for purchase it will be added to the catalog within two months.

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