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Payment Arrangements

  1. In a continued effort to give our customers options for account communication, this form has been created so that our customers can send us an Online Payment Arrangement for their Utility Bill.

    • Payment Arrangements are only required if you cannot pay the full amount due by the due date. Note that once a Shut-off Notice has been received, payment in full can only be extended until the last business day of the month.
    • The customer will be notified if the payment arrangement is not approved.
    • While the City understands that situations can arise that could make it difficult for a customer to honor their arrangement, it is the responsibility of the customer to notify our office in the event this happens.

    Phone: 503-657-8151 Option 5

    Business Hours

    Monday through Friday
    8 am to 5 pm.

  2. Please enter your Utility Customer Number if known

  3. Customer name needs to be how it is shown on the Utility Bill

  4. Required so that our Staff can contact the customer if there are any questions we might have.

  5. (Address) is where the City provides services at

  6. Email is needed for notification and confirmation purposes.

  7. Please provide a brief explanation for the need to extend your payment and the amount(s) and date(s) to be paid. Extensions beyond the last day of the month will only be approved under extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

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