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Cancel Utility Service

  1. Submission of this online form will serve as your confirmation that your service will be terminated. A Utility Customer Service representative will call if any questions should arise after receiving this form. The City of Oregon City wishes you the best!

    As a reminder, final meter readings are used to calculate your last billing statement. Since the City of Oregon City bills for actual services provided, all utility accounts are caught up to the customer's final read date before closing the account.

    Thank you!

  2. The date is the last day in the home and the keys are turned over.

  3. Account Number - located on the monthly billing statement

  4. Name the account under or how it's to appear on the billing statement

  5. Current or Vacating Address

  6. Forwarding Address - where the final billing can be mailed, please include City, State, Zip code

  7. Phone at current address, Cell phone number if there is no home phone

  8. Phone Alternate - after the move

  9. Status - What Is Happening to the Home*
  10. Property Type*

    Note: If Checked Duplex, Triplex information regarding the new owner must be supplied by the person stopping the service.

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