Kristine Rauch

Kristine Rauch UpdateOn August 28, 2017, Officer Koehnke spoke to a concerned father regarding his 54-year-old daughter, Kristine Rauch, who recently became homeless. The father didn't want to lose track of Kristine and was looking for resources to assist her. Officer Koehnke learned Kristine was at a local apartment complex and we went there to check on her welfare.

We met with Kristine and I spoke with her at length about her current situation. Kristine told me she's been homeless for about 2 months. To add to the difficulties homelessness presents on its own, Kristine has serious health issues. Kristine had been a housewife/stay-at-home mother. She's currently going through a divorce, which led to her homelessness. Kristine is currently unemployed and has limited income.

In an effort to find housing for Kristine, I reached out to Clackamas County Fire District Number 1 Community Paramedic Amy Jo Cook by phone. Amy suggested I contact Oregon City Residential Care (OCRC). I spoke to the owner of OCRC, Art Johnson, by phone. Art didn't hesitate to help Kristine. He quickly sent a registered nurse to our location to conduct an assessment of her.

The registered nurse met with Kristine and I in the parking lot of the apartment complex and completed an assessment of Kristine. The nurse informed me his recommendation to Art would be that Kristine could live at OCRC medically, so long as she was seen at an emergency room for sores that needed immediate treatment.

With that information, I gave Kristine a ride to the Providence Willamette Falls Hospital emergency department. Kristine was treated at the hospital and discharged later in the day. I picked Kristine up from the hospital and gave her a ride to OCRC, where her own room was waiting for her. I took a picture of Kristine in her new home.

On August 31, 2017, I followed up with Kristine at OCRC. Kristine told me she loves it there. Art told me Kristine can stay at OCRC as long as she needs. Additionally, Art said she is staying there free of charge. Art told me he regularly has bed(s) at the facility for those who meet residential care facility requirements, but otherwise can't afford to live there.

Without Art Johnson and the Oregon City Residential Care facility, none of this would have been possible. I'm thankful for Art's generosity and I'm grateful Kristine is now living indoors.


Homeless Liaison Officer Mike Day