McLoughlin Resident Parking Permit Program

Child Playing in Splash ParkThe McLoughlin Resident Parking Permit Program was implemented to alleviate parking congestion in mixed-use area throughout the McLoughlin neighborhood. Often residents in these areas feel the impact of inadequate parking as a result of the neighboring business districts.

Often, businesses move into an area with inadequate parking for their needs or they expand use, growing their business without realizing the impact on the community. Their customers and/or employees fill the majority of the available on-street parking, blocking customer parking for other businesses and leaving the residential property owners with little to no on-street parking options.

Resident Permit Program Eligibility

  • Must have posted on street parking restrictions immediately adjacent to the property where the owner/tenant is requesting the permit.
  • All vehicles receiving permits must be currently tagged, insured and registered to the resident of the property requesting the permit.
  • Must be in a program district (call for district locations).
  • Note: Residents not meeting the above criteria will be considered on a case-by-case basis only.

Vehicles that are not eligible include but are not limited to:

  • Any type of recreational vehicle including recreational trailers, boats, utility trailers, etc.
  • Commercial vehicles including commercial vehicles used for a home occupation or business.
  • Vehicles being stored on the public street and/or right-of-way (72 hours or longer).
  • Vehicles belonging to anyone that does not reside at the residence.


  • Neighborhood permits are assigned to individual vehicles.
  • Vehicles must be registered to the residence (not home occupation) requesting the permit.
  • Permits expire with the vehicle registration.
  • Failure to register or re-register your vehicles may result in the issuance of a citation.


  • Resident permits do not allow you to violate any other ordinance or laws.
  • Resident permits are only valid when used to park at the residence where the permit was issued.

Obtain a Permit

Resident permits are free and may be secured by calling 503-905-3665.

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