Posting Political Signs

Guidelines for Posting Election Signs

The City regulates the placement of signs on private property and within the public right-of-way. Though the City does not regulate the content of signage, as the political season approaches, some helpful reminders regarding signage are provided in the following sections.

Note: All signs placed on city, county, or state streets or road rights-of-way will be removed. Please keep the placement of your signs on private property.

Signs at Your Home

Most homes can be posted with 2 signs, each up to 6 square feet in size. Applications and fees are not required.

Signs in the Planter Strip or Right-of-Way

The City allows A-frame signs within the public right-of-way in certain locations. Chapter 15.28.100 of the Oregon City Municipal Code includes standards such as maximum size, display hours, and placement restrictions.

Signs at Your Business

A variety of signage options may be posted on commercial and industrial properties. Some signage types require permits while others do not.

Sign Permit Process

Though permits are required for only certain types of signage, signs which have not obtained proper permits or do not comply with the limitations in the code are subject to removal and/or a fine. In addition, the City recommends obtaining written consent from a property owner if you would like to place a sign on someone else's property.

For More Information

For additional information regarding signage, please refer to Chapter 15.28 of the Oregon City Municipal Code. The Code may be found online. Also, we recommend visiting the Planning Division Information on Signage in Oregon City page.

If you have any questions regarding signage, please call the Planning Division at 503-722-3789 or visit us at 698 Warner Parrott Road, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 am and 3:30 pm.

Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has strict regulations regarding the erection of political signs. Contact the Permit Specialist at ODOT for further information at 503-229-5002.

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