Strategic Plan 2019 to 2024

How This Plan Was Created

Oregon City Public Library's Strategic Plan for 2013-2018 could be summed up in one phrase: build a bigger library. And we achieved that with the opening of the renovated Carnegie Library plus a modern, 14,000-square-foot addition in October, 2016. With the completion of the new library came lots of growth and the need to focus our resources anew. This strategic plan is in response to that need.

It was very important to involve our community and staff in the strategic planning process. Therefore, with the assistance of the State Library of Oregon, we elicited input in the following ways:

  • Through a series of in-library and online opportunities, we asked library patrons what was important to them about Oregon City;
  • We held facilitated staff meetings which were completely focused on strategic planning and the future of the library;
  • We gathered a group of people who represented library stakeholder groups in two meetings, each lasting several hours, to discuss the future role of the library in the community;
  • We reviewed our findings with staff and the Library Board
  • Each group contributed to the selection of strategic focuses and to a specific portion of the Vision (staff), Mission (stakeholders), Core Values and Guiding Principles (Library Board)

Our Vision

To promote literacy and learning, celebrate curiosity and diversity, and support transformation in thriving, safe, and inclusive spaces.

Our Mission

We empower every Youth, Adult and Senior in our service area through:

  • Innovative and varied resources and programs
  • Responsive, well trained and personable staff
  • Connections to other community resources and events
  • Inclusive, accessible services to all
  • Welcoming spaces to gather and build community

Our Core Values

  • Inspiring discovery
  • Championing the search for truth
  • Defending intellectual freedom
  • Protecting privacy
  • Open and safe for all

Our Guiding Principles

The Library will:

  • Offer equal access to a vast range of information through quality resources from all points of view for learning and entertainment
  • Deliver library service to the whole community, conducting all interactions with respect and confidentiality, and acknowledging the diversity and individuality of our community members
  • Advance literacy and a love of life-long learning
  • Ignite imaginations and help people reach their full potential as individuals and citizens by providing materials, services, and events which inspire and speak to the human spirit
  • Serve as a community center, providing a safe place to gather and a space for people and ideas to connect

Oregon City Public Library Mission and Vision Statements