City Matters: Spring 2023

Our community is steeped in history; it is the very foundation of our city. Our present is our future, and our future is deeply rooted in our past. What can be learned from our past to ensure we are able to move forward? Preservation is part of that opportunity. 

May is National Historic Preservation month. It is a time to place a spotlight on the heritage of Oregon City — from our beginnings as a home and gathering place for numerous Indigenous Peoples to the many historic buildings, places and sites in our town. 

Everyone who came to this place we now call Oregon City came looking for opportunity. Whether it was to fish, farm or settle — those opportunities abounded. To this day, 

Oregon City still offers endless opportunities: 
Economic opportunity—to create or sustain a business, shop local, land for business expansion or redevelopment
Youth opportunity—the Youth Advisory Commission, the Teen Advisory Board at the library or the Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee; 
Diversity & equity opportunity—welcoming and open to all, and equal opportunity, and 
Livability opportunity—a small town feel that’s welcoming with active neighborhoods. One hundred and seventy-eight years as a city gives us the opportunity to be mindful of our legacy. Together we can keep our eyes on the future to make this community the best.