2022 Master Fee Schedule

Financial Support and Sustainability Strategy 2-9-2021 (JPG)

In October 2020 Oregon City Parks and Recreation Department invested in a department-wide cost recovery analysis and policy creation to help sustain and grow efforts to create play, protect habitat, and enhance recreation opportunities for the Community.

The Cost Recovery analysis required a consultant to compile, analyze, and then guide the development of a strategy reflected in the adopted Financial Support and Sustainability Policy. The policy helps balance community benefit and cost, as reflected in the graph above. If a parks and recreation service or program is more individualized, then the program is subsidized at a lower rate. Programs and services that have a higher community benefit receive higher subsidies. Changes to rates and subsidies begin July 1, 2022.

Regarding Fields & Court Exclusive Use

Oregon City recognizes its responsibility to provide services, facilities, and athletic fields and courts for use by all people, organizations, and groups. In the past the City has subsidized, at no cost, exclusive court and field use to sports groups. The number of sports organizations requesting the use of Oregon City's athletic fields and courts have increased in the past ten years as has the use of parks, facilities, and shelters.

When faced with the task to address some of the ongoing challenges of keeping parks, restrooms, and athletic fields and courts safe, clean, and green and creating a system of sustainable use, the City embarked on a cost recovery analysis. The analysis included several presentations to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee (PRAC), as well as a joint work session with the Commission and PRAC and, on two separate occasions, during Commission work sessions from winter 2020 to summer 2021.

City Commissioners adopted the cost recovery policy on October 20, 2021, to be enacted July 1, 2022, which requires payment for exclusive use of fields and courts ($10 per hour for residents and $15 per hour for non-residents) and reallocates subsidies to programs with inclusion assistance, open access parks and amenities, human services such as Meals on Wheels and transportation, service/veteran counseling, enrichment, and wellness programs such as day camps, pre-school enrichment, and field trips. The changes enable opportunities to provide more fee scholarships, payment plans, and more equitable services for our community and particularly senior citizens.

We value the groups that enjoy recreating in our parks. Their continued efforts to make parks more accessible and playable are what makes our City great. Fundraising efforts for improvements by the community is at their own discretion and with Parks and Recreation Department approval. The City views all fundraising improvements not only to benefit specific groups but the entire community.

Parks and Recreation's level of service is to the community at large. With 7 full time staff and up to 5 seasonal staff for Parks/Cemetery, the growing need to focus additional staff and funding to maintain and prepare athletic fields and courts requires recovery measures such as asking groups who want exclusive use of athletic fields or courts to pay for the time they reserve for use.

Notice of Rate Increases

Updated fees will be enacted on July 1st, 2022. For an example of fee increases and the Swimming Pool's new membership structures, please see the fee schedule (PDF).

Ongoing Efforts to Maintain Equitable Programs

These changes allow parks and recreation to maintain financial stability as well as provide more equitable events and services to the community. The changes include providing more scholarships, allowing payment plans, and more.