Community Development

Houses and a TreeCommunity Development is responsible for guiding growth and development within the city limits and includes the Planning and Building Divisions. We also work closely with the City and Planning Commissions, businesses, and residents in shaping development policies.

About Community Development

The Community Development department is responsible for guiding growth and development in Oregon City. The department oversees the following:

  • Planning Department: Assists the City Commission and community by developing the polices and regulations that guide development, as well as the review and approval of development applications. Ensures that developments are planned according to zoning codes and statewide land use laws. View the Planning Department page.
  • Building Department: Ensures that structures are constructed according to building codes through the review of plans and inspections. View the Building Department page.

Other functions:

  • Comprehensive and neighborhood planning
  • Growth and development analysis and procedures
  • Building inspections and annexation permits for property development

View the Community Development Department Organizational Chart March 2023 (PDF).