Records Online: Webdrawer

The City of Oregon City is a member of Oregon Records Management Solution (ORMS) allowing us to increase citizen access to public records. You may search for frequently requested records such as:

  • Oregon Records Management Solution (ORMS)Ordinances
  • Resolutions
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Agendas Packets
  • Other historical documents

For you convenience we have pre-set search parameters on frequently requested records. Visit the subpages in this section to view our collections.


In the ORMS Webdrawer you will find additional fields to refine your search:

  • First be sure that the Jurisdiction "Oregon City, City of" is selected to search in Oregon City records
  • Then pick how you would like to search:
    • Searching by "Any Word" will search any word in either the Title field or the Notes field for a record
    • Date Created (not recommended)
    • Document Content will search the entire document content; expect a longer search time
    • Record Number (not recommended)
    • Title (free text part):
      • This search is an exact match search of the Title field for a record
      • Not recommended unless you have the exact title
    • Title Word will search any word in the Title field for a record - most recommended
      • Use the wildcard * to increase your search success; for example, "Ord*" will return Ordinance, Ordinances, ORD, ordinary, order... etc.

The title format varies for Oregon City Records:

  • Meeting minutes or agenda packets "YYYY-MM-DD Meeting Body Type" for example "2016-04-06 City Commission Minutes"
  • Resolutions are named "Resolution YY-NN" for example "Resolution 15-05" will find the 5th Resolution from 2015
  • Ordinances are Named "Ordinance YY-NNNN" for example "Ordinance 15-1001"

Records Not in Webdrawer

We are in the process of entering legacy records and continue to add records daily. Public Records not available through Webdrawer can be requested through a public records request. Visit the City of Oregon City's Public Records Request page for the online form.