Basins in the Program

The Inflow & Infiltration Reduction Program includes work in 7 sewer basins. The program addresses each basin separately. 

OC Basins Map Master

Here's the progress so far in each basin:

OC Basins Map McLoughlin Basin 5Phase:  Investigate, Design

Neighborhood Associations: McLoughlin, Elyville, Two Rivers

The City contracted with Wallis Engineering to evaluate the Linn, McLoughlin, Newell, and Falls Basins (previously Basins 5 and 8) in December 2021. Wallis is managing the program with consultation from the City. 

Most of the McLoughlin Basin has been smoke tested and the mainlines surveyed via closed-circuit television (CCTV). More smoke testing and CCTV are still needed. Wallis and the City may also decide to do supplementary dye testing. 

This basin is one of three (the other two being the Falls and Newell Basins) that were created from the prior Basin 5. Flow monitoring equipment has been set up for this new basin to define pre-improvement base flows. One project (Linn Project 1) is currently being designed in this basin, and a second project (Linn Project 3) is being defined. Both projects are planned for construction during summer 2023. 

Additional construction projects in 2024 and beyond are anticipated, but no further projects are currently identified for this basin.