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Oregon City Right-of-Way ManagementAbout Rights-of-Way

Oregon City's "rights-of-way" (ROW) are sections of land set aside for public benefit. These sections include streets and sidewalks as well as land set aside for water pipes, electricity lines, and other utility infrastructure.

Our City's rights-of-way are our most valuable asset and include all the property and improvements on 144 miles of Oregon City streets. Oregon City coordinates right-of-way use among public and private users so that we can efficiently manage this large and complex resource.

Rights-of-Way Ordinance

Public Works Employees Performing Right-of-Way WorkOn November 6, 2013, The Oregon City Commission adopted Ordinance 13-1014 (PDF) requiring all utilities to have a contractual agreement or a license to use the City's rights-of-way.

The goal of this ordinance continues to be accurately identifying all right-of-way users and ensuring fair, market-rate compensation for the use of our most valuable asset.

Available on this page are the right-of-way ordinance (PDF) and the current fee resolution (PDF). Also included are the Right-of-Way Utility Registration Application (PDF) and the Right-of-Way Usage License Application (PDF). The Public Works Department manages the ordinance through its Right-of-Way Program.

Contact the Right-of-Way Program at 971-204-4601 for more information or if you are a utility provider in the city limits of Oregon City for registration information.

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