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  1. Cancel Utility Service

    Submission of this online form will serve as your confirmation that your service will be terminated. A Utility Customer Service... More…

  2. Payment Arrangements

    In a continued effort to give our customers options for account communication, this form has been created so that our customers can... More…

  1. Change Mailing Address

    The City of Oregon City recognizes from time to time it may be necessary to change the mailing address where your Utility Statement is... More…


  1. Local Author Submission Form
  2. Provide Feedback

    We are interested in hearing from you about how we can better serve you! Please use this form to submit comments and suggestions on... More…

  3. Suggest a Purchase
  4. Zine Library Suggestion Form
  1. Personalized Readers Advisory

    Fill out this form, submit it, and receive an email list of recommended reading based on your personal tastes.

  2. Subscribe to the Oregon City Library Newsletter
  3. Teen Newsletter Art


  1. Field Trip Request Form
  2. Scholarship Request Form

    Oregon City Parks and Recreation recognizes that some of the residents of Oregon City require financial assistance to attend certain... More…

  1. Music Performance Request for 2024 Series

    This form is an application to be considered as one of the music performances for the 2024 Summer Concerts in the Park series.

  2. Swim Lesson Aid Program Volunteer Request

    Our swim lessons teach water safety, skills and how to enjoy water activities for a lifetime. All swim lessons have an instructor, but... More…