Why does this matter?

First, no insects mean no food. About three-fourths of all flowering plants are pollinated by insects, as well as the crops that produce more than one-third of the world's food supply. Second, insects are the bedrock of our entire ecosystem (birds, lizards, frogs, and other wildlife). Without insects, the birds, fish, and small mammals that depend on them decline; if they decline, the entire food web and local ecosystem are affected.

Animal pollinators are needed for the reproduction of 90% of flowering plants and one-third of human food crops. Each of us depends on these industrious pollinators in a practical way to provide us with the wide range of foods we eat. In addition, pollinators are part of the intricate web that supports the biological diversity in natural ecosystems that helps sustain our quality of life.

Even a single plant that supports pollinators can make a BIG difference. Let's help the bees and butterflies which, in turn, make our flowers bloom and our vegetables grow!

Discover ways to work with nature to make a pollinator garden, including plants that support pollinators.

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1. Why Create a Pollinator Garden?
2. Why does this matter?