What is the advantage of using de-icer?

One advantage of de-icer is that liquid de-icer can be applied to the roadway a few hours before a severe weather event occurs, which prevents ice crystals from bonding to the pavement. As pavement is kept from freezing, crews can keep key streets ready for traffic rather than responding after Oregon City's road conditions have become dangerous for motorists.

De-icer may also be applied in conjunction with sand under some conditions. The application of de-icer on snow or ice with significant accumulation helps keep the snow loose and "plowable" so it can be removed more easily. The City will use a variety of treatments and techniques to control snow and ice at different times and places throughout Oregon City. A great advantage is that liquid de-icer will help to improve conditions over sanding alone.

Another advantage is that many other jurisdictions that use winter de-icer have had reductions in wintertime vehicle crashes. Additionally, the de-icing product can be less expensive than sanding and is expected to reduce the amount of time spent plowing, sanding, and cleaning up sand after storm events.

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