How will de-icer be used?

Liquid de-icer is applied to the roadway in order to lower the freezing temperature of water and to prevent ice and snow from forming a bond to the roadway surface. The type of de-icer Oregon City is using is called Magnesium Chloride. This product is currently in use by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), Clackamas County, and the Cities of West Linn, Happy Valley, and Canby as well as many other jurisdictions in Oregon and Washington. ODOT has been safely using this product for over 10 years.

This product contains 70% water, magnesium chloride, and a corrosion inhibitor to reduce impacts to vehicles. This product can cause corrosion if equipment is exposed for an extended period; however, it is highly water-soluble and a quick rinse will dilute and clean vehicles easily. This product works well at cold temperatures, is inexpensive and is safer on the environment than traditional methods.

Winter de-icer can be used in several ways including:

  • A pre-application that helps prevent snow and ice from forming/sticking to street surfaces.
  • To melt accumulated snow and ice on street surfaces.
  • In conjunction with sand to help the sand stick and stay in place on icy street surfaces.

Areas targeted for de-icer will focus first on arterial streets (Molalla Avenue, Meyers Road, South End Road, etc.), then collector streets (Main Street, Partlow Road, Clairmont Way, etc.), then steeper residential streets. Snow and ice response seldom target residential streets unless the event lasts over an extended period of time (1 week).

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1. How will de-icer be used?
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