Why does Infill Happen?

The Portland metropolitan area is predicted to grow by one million additional people by 2030. In Oregon, we have made a commitment to accommodate growth within the urban growth boundary, rather than develop the county with low-density homes and businesses. Land inside the urban growth boundary includes cities and services such as water and sewer systems, parks, schools and fire and police protection while land outside the boundary is intended to be primarily farm and forest use. The urban growth boundary is one of the tools managed by Metro, our regional government, to protect farms and forests from urban development and to promote the efficient use of land, public facilities and services inside the boundary. If you would like to learn more about the current status of the Oregon Statewide Land Use System, check out the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development.

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1. What is Planning?
2. What is the Comprehensive Plan?
3. Planning Regulations
4. Why does Infill Happen?
5. What is the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB)?
6. How are we Planning for 40 to 50 Years of Regional Growth - What are our Urban and Rural Reserves?
7. What is zoning?
8. How do I Change my Zoning Designation?
9. Why Should I Get a Permit?
10. Who Owns the Property Next to Me?
11. What is the Difference Between a Homeowners Association and a Neighborhood Association?
12. Do I need a Business License?
13. Who is Responsible for Streets, Alleys, and Rights-of-Way?
14. Will the City Repair the Raised Sidewalk in Front of my Home?
15. What is a Street Tree?
16. What is a Planter Strip?
17. What are the Trimming Requirements for Street Trees?
18. Tree Resources
19. How do I File a Code Enforcement Complaint?
20. What is a Concept Plan?
21. What is the Process for Annexation and Who Votes on Annexation Approval?
22. What is an Overlay Zone?
23. What are the regulations for developing in the floodplain?
24. What is the Natural Resource Overlay District?
25. What is the Geologic Hazard Overlay Zone?
26. What is the Difference Between a Minor Partition and a Subdivision?
27. Do Neighborhood Associations Receive Appeal Fee Waivers?