Why is Oregon City revising its Street Tree code?
  • To help prevent damage to public infrastructure such as:
    • Sidewalks
    • Streets
    • Utilities
  • To help prevent mobility hazards like sidewalk buckling due to street tree root encroachment.
  • To help reduce cost barriers to property owners removing hazardous or potentially hazardous street trees that were planted in strips 3 feet wide or less.
  • To help clarify other minor omissions and inconsistencies in the code.

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1. Why does the City require street trees?
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3. Why is Oregon City revising its Street Tree code?
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5. How do I measure my planting strip to see if it's 3 feet wide or less?
6. What if I have a planting strip that's 3 feet wide or less, and have already applied for a tree removal permit under the current code?
7. What if I have other questions about trees and tree removals/replacements in Oregon City?
8. Where has this project been officially discussed?