How do I Change my Zone?

A zone change is required to meet the standards in Chapter 17.68 of the Oregon City Municipal Code. In order to assure this compliance, the application is reviewed by and subject to comment by City staff, the public, any interested party, the Planning Commission and the City Commission. Notice of the application includes a sign posted on the subject site, and notices posted online and mailed to all affected agencies and property owners within 300 feet to inform the public of the application and invite comments. Once the public comment period is over, a report including an analysis of how the proposal does or does not meet the criteria as well as a recommendation is completed by staff. A Planning Commission public hearing will then be held where any interested party can testify regarding the application. After reading the report and listening to testimony, the Planning Commission will deliberate and make a decision. If a majority of the Planning Commission denies the application, the zone change is denied. If a majority of the Planning Commission approves the zone change, a City Commission hearing would result. The City Commission (5 elected officials) listen to both written and oral testimony until the record is closed and they make the final City decision.

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