What does my Zoning Designation Mean?

Each property is assigned a zoning designation which describes the use and development permitted onsite. The designation will commonly describe permitted uses, conditional uses (needing approval by the Planning Commission) and prohibited uses. In addition, the zone includes dimensional standards which specify building height, setbacks, etc. The purpose of zoning is to separate land uses to protect public health, welfare and safety:

Oregon City has several different zoning designations, with many different use categories.  The links below will take you to the city's on-line municipal code website. Click below to learn more about each zone's purpose, permitted uses, dimensional standards (e.g. setbacks, height limits, etc.), and other details.

Low Density Residential Districts (R-10, R-8, and R-6 Zones)

Medium Density Residential Districts (R-5, R-3.5 Zones)

High Density Residential Districts

Commercial, Institutional, & Mixed Use Districts

Industrial, & Employment Districts

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2. What does my Zoning Designation Mean?
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