Why can't the City just move people off the streets?

It is not illegal to be homeless and the City cannot force someone to move due to constitutional protections and court rulings. However, OCPD does have the authority to issue citations or arrest people who are engaged in criminal behavior. For example, possession of an open container of alcohol or drinking in public, (OCMC 9.12.010), public urination or defecation, (OCMC 9.12.030), Trespass II, (ORS 164.245), and Disorderly Conduct, (ORS 166.025), are considered prohibited or illegal. If you observe these or other illegal behaviors, please call the Police non-emergency line at 503-655-8211 which is available 24/7. When you see criminal activity, please call 911.

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4. Why can't the City just move people off the streets?
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