How does this affect me?

This policy spreads costs to utility companies who use the public rights-of-way rather than just all taxpayers. Your utility bill will reflect your utility use. Additions for this policy should be minimal, about the cost of a cup of coffee each month.

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1. Why does the City charge utilities for using rights-of-way?
2. Is it common for cities to charge these fees?
3. How much does the City charge for using rights-of-way?
4. Does the City charge only private utilities or are publicly-owned utilities charged as well?
5. How is this fairer to ratepayers?
6. How does this affect me?
7. This is labeled a "tax" on my bill. Oregon City is calling it a "fee." So which is it?
8. How does the City spend the money collected from these fees?
9. I heard that Oregon City is being sued over this policy. Why?
10. Who may I contact to get additional information about this program?