When are park rental permits required?
  • A gathering or an event that involves a group of 101 plus attendees
  • Tents, canopies, tables, and/or chairs brought in
  • The event involves donations, entry fees, or tickets
  • Inflatables such as bounce houses, mechanical rides, fencing, or barricades set up
  • The event is advertised as a public event or event is closed to the public
  • Amplified sound with a PA system or other noise generator for live or recorded music
  • Vendor servicing or participating in the event
  • Impact on the roadway, sidewalk, pathway, driveway, curb, parking space, or public parking lot
  • Sales of any kind of products/services
  • Stage or other structure is built/brought in
  • Food is being prepared and served for consumption by the public at an event
  • A certified flagger, police officer, or signs are needed to direct traffic

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1. How to apply for a park rental permit?
2. When are park rental permits required?