Cluster Housing

Cottage Housing DevelopmentCluster housing, formerly known as cottage housing, includes group(s) of 4 to 12 smaller dwellings clustered together around a common green space; more than one such group can be developed on the same site. The dwellings themselves can be individual detached structures-often called cottages; attached structures such as townhouses, duplexes, and 3- to 4-plexes. The dwellings are clustered together facing each other across a courtyard, rather than arranged in a traditional grid along public streets. Dwellings share common amenities such as green space, parking areas, and community buildings.


Check the Planning Fee Schedule for current fees. Note that additional applications and associated fees are required from other departments, agencies, and consultants.

Where to Build Cluster Housing in the City

Cluster housing can be developed in all residential zones. Consult the Housing Explorer mapping tool online to see where cluster housing can be developed.

For more details about the recent code updates, please visit the LEG 22-01 Housing Choices Code Update- Adopted Code page.