MausoleumMountain View Cemetery has crypts and niches available for purchase. Full-body crypts are available in both mausoleums while niches are available in the new mausoleum only. Prices for individual crypts and niches vary.

Crypt Price Range

  • Single Crypt: $2,700 to $6,367
  • Tandem Crypt: $4,485 to $7,477
  • Westminster Crypt: $6,195 to $7,927
  • Tandem Westminster: $10,372
  • Slide Over Crypt: $5,377 to $8,970

Niche Price Range

Single Niche: $637 to $1,695

Mausoleum Placement Charges

  • Full Body Crypt: $1,315
  • Cremains in Crypt: $1,315
  • Cremains in Niche: $1,155

All placement charges for the mausoleum include the bronze name bar, vase and ring.

Placement charges cannot be prepaid.