Willamette Falls Riverwalk

A new riverwalk that connects historic downtown Oregon City to Willamette Falls is the first step of the Willamette Falls Legacy Project. For the first time in more than 150 years, visitors will be welcome to get up close and experience Willamette Falls along the Willamette River from a world-class public space. By building the riverwalk, the project partners are transforming this abandoned industrial site into a community gathering space and a compelling opportunity for redevelopment.

The riverwalk design will reveal a network of promenades and lofted pathways lacing through the site, providing visitors with an intimate experience of the river, falls and native habitat - while providing opportunities to learn about the area's rich cultural and environmental history. Download design drawings below. For additional information, visit the riverwalk design page on the Willamette Falls Legacy Project website.

Painting of a Place
Building Next to Water
Painting of Multiple People
Large Group of People
Painting of People

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